• Partner’s Club Membership. You must be a member in good standing of Richard James Partner’s Club. For more details, go here.
  • Published author. Whether this is your first book or your 50th, you must be a published author, and your work needs to be available for public consumption.
  • Quality literature. Our team of copywriters, attorneys and legal marketing specialists will evaluate your work carefully. We look for well-written books, but winners of the Legal Excellence Award for Literature must also provide original insight into old problems and demonstrate stylistic flare.
  • Third party credibility. An authoritative third party, such as a newspaper or respected legal peer group, needs to review your book and, ideally, say positive things about it.
  • Never won the award. Due to the volume of submissions, we ask previous award winners to step back and allow their peers a chance to obtain the prize.

Who Decides the Winner?

Our team of expert legal marketers, bestselling authors and volunteer attorney authors will collaborate to make the decision.

Are There Prizes for Second or Third Place?

We do acknowledge Honorees. Over time, we hope to offer prizes for different sub-categories, including awards for books in different practice areas and prizes for the most beautifully written books, most original legal thinking, and so forth.

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Book Details
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